Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Week In Pictures #86 + #87...

Hey everyone

Today's post is another double helping of pictures sharing what I got up to for the last two weeks!

Here we go...

These two weeks have flown by, I can't believe that it has been a fortnight since the epic {HP Studio Tour trip}! They have been packed with studying with the bf, getting back into using my filofax, trying to sort out my annual blog redesign, being made a beaut brunch with the bf, copious mugs/jars of tea (my new fave thing to do is to spend a half hour early in the morning sitting outside under the canopy whilst it's raining sipping a mug of tea), spending the last bank holiday of the year having a #PLL marathon and domino's feast with the bf, lots of walks and cuddles with Little Prin, trying out a new skincare system (anticipate a review coming soon!), applying for my registration for my profession (eek!!) and taking the plunge into painting dark colours on my nails (hello again Essie 'After School Boy Blazer'!)- it's official autumn peeps! 

I hope your last couple of weeks of the summer were filled with fun! 
Lemme know what you've gotten up to!

Monday, 25 August 2014

My Weekend Uniform...

Hey everyone

When I went out for drinks to catch up with one of my besties {Princess of Pretty} this past weekend I realised that I'd established my weekend uniform.

My weekend uniform // 
  • the outfit that I can just throw on that looks chic and put together.
  • the outfit that is as comfortable as pjs but is more socially acceptable to leave the house in.
  • the outfit that can transition me from day to night and from errand running to catching dinner with a friend.

An easy loose striped shirt, super soft skinny jeans, perfectly broken in loafers & a chic cross-body bag.

What's your weekend uniform?


Monday, 18 August 2014

Currently // Watching...

Hey everyone

The bf and I love getting absorbed into a good tv show and I thought I'd share with y'all what we've been watching as of late...

Gilmore Girls // the bf hates watching this with me because it really is the most perfect girly show but I just love it!

Bones // I loved reading the series of books that inspired this TV show and I finally got round to checking out the show - I find that I can't binge watch this show because there's so much going on in each episode but I love watching this show when I want to make my brain work!

Modern Family // the bf and I absolutely love this show! We're binge watching season 1-4 at the moment and every single episode we end up laughing out loud multiple times - it's amazing! 

Orange Is The New Black // the bf and I are planning on starting this series when we've finished Modern Family and before we get our hands on season four of Pretty Little Liars (our absolute fave!)

We're always looking out for new series to get into so lemme know what you've been watching and loving as of late!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Week In Pictures #85...

Hey everyone

The bf and I both took this past week off work so we filled it with so much fun! 

So apologies for the excessive amount of pictures in this weeks post but we had a lot of picture-worthy moments!

The bf was kind enough to help me pick the ragwort out of the ponies field - it wasn't exactly a fun start to the holiday week but it needed to be done! Another notable yet slightly sucky moment this week was the fact that I re-bought The Sims (yay!) but it took two days (!!) to download (boo!). 

The major thing that happened this week was when the bf took me to London to do a bit of shopping (macaroons and Victoria's Secret) and lunch (Shake Shack!) before going to see The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour (see my fave shots from the day {here}!) - the Butterbeer was vile but it made for a great photo op! Also the bf and I were so glad that we decided to go first class on the train on the way home, tea and coffee were so welcomed after such a long day!

I also made my first autumn purchases - two new pairs of riding boots!

I also decided to straighten my hair this week - this never happens but I actually really liked it! 

The bf and I finished our awesome week off by going to the cinema to see a movie that the bf had been wanting to watch :)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour...

Hey everyone

For my 21st birthday the bf surprised with with a pretty epic present - a trip to London to go and visit The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour - eeep!! 

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and the bf definitely hit it out of the park in terms of picking the perfect gift for my birthday! 

The whole tour was absolutely incredible - we were literally surrounded by all of the Harry Potter props - it was literally as if I was stepping into Hogwarts.

The only word that I can use to describe the experience, and I know that it's cliche, was magical.




Every single part of the tour was awesome - but the thing that absolutely blew the bf and I away was the scale model of Hogwarts. To see all of Hogwarts in all of its glory was just breath-taking. Seeing how all of the areas fit together; the lake house, the tower, the greenhouses - it was beautiful.

I know that I haven't been able to do the pure magic of the tour justice - honestly I'm still having trouble processing it myself - to be immersed in all things Harry Potter for an evening was honestly a dream - I think that 12 year old me would have passed out with excitement, 21 year old me was near doing so too! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Week In Pictures #83 + #84...

Hey everyone

Today's MWIP post is an extra-long one seeing as I missed posting last week (I had a packed week so blogging ended up having to take a back seat) so I'm squishing in all of last week's goings on along with this week's...

Last week was filed with celebrations - I turned 21 and had a seriously epic birthday party (my Nam managed to host and cater a 30 person dinner party all by herself!) - a whole lot of last week was spent running around getting things ready for my party, that was fuelled by diet coke (obvs) and San Pellegrino Aranciata (perfect for the hot weather we were having!). The highlight of my birthday party was definitely the 14 strong dessert table,that obviously featured a mountain of macaroons

Other notable things that happened last week was that the bf and I visited a farmers market and I got way too overexcited at all of the fresh produce there! Oh, and I got degree certificate through! I guess university is really behind me, for now at least!

This week has been a lot more relaxed than last - mainly because I decided to take the week off from work and spend it with the bf as our summer holiday together! It has been such a luxury to spend mornings in bed with hot tea, chocolate cereal and my blog reading list! The bf and I are also in the process of re-watching all of the Harry Potter films this week in preparation for us going on the Harry Potter Studio Tour on Friday (an incredible 21st birthday surprise from the bf!)! 

The bf and I have a tonne of fun activities planned for our week off, we went to a National Trust site for a fun day out and then we went out for breakfast today (I love having breakfast out, it makes me feel so indulgent!).

To finish this post on a random note - I have managed to infect Ma with the mason jar obsession - we picked up a couple of these mason jars with handles from TK Maxx and we've been loving using them literally all day!

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