Monday, 30 June 2014

First Day...

 Hey everyone

Today is a pretty big day for me - as most of y'all know I have just finished my degree (I graduate in just a couple of weeks!) and today is the day that I start my first post-graduate job! 

I'm super excited (and slightly (okay, more than slightly!) nervous!) to start my career as a biomedical scientist in the haematology laboratory in an NHS hospital pathology department.

I feel so incredibly lucky and thankful to have my hard work pay off and to be in this position - to be employed in my chosen field before I've even graduated, with the promise of completing my Masters degree in the near future, and to be able to have the opportunity to actually make a contribution to the care of patients.

I'm so excited to get stuck in, learn my craft and practise as a biomedical scientist - I can't wait to see what the future brings!

Friday, 27 June 2014


Hey everyone 

Paris apartment with view of Eiffel tower c/o amyvnorris


I'm currently experiencing some serious wanderlust. 

I'm blaming this feeling two fold - firstly on {Amy}, seeing her spontaneously jet around Europe this past month or so has filled me with serious travel envy (just check out her {instagram} for yourself and you'll feel the same!) and secondly on a couple of the books on my {Summer Reading List}, namely {Anna an the French Kiss} and {Just One Day}, because they're about American girls who travel to Europe and have life-changing experiences (it's all very Lizzie McGuire-esque :P). Reading these books made me feel so guilty at having lived on this island for all of my life, right in the midst of Europe and yet I've never visited some of the most incredible cities in the world that are right on my doorstep.

Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Moscow, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, Athens, Milan, Rhodes - the list is seemingly endless.

I feel so uncultured. I feel so wasteful. I feel so lacking. 

I mean, people across the other side of the world literally dream about travelling the millions of miles to discover themselves in Europe and here I am, far closer and with the means but I've never done so.

There's so much in this world out there to discover and I really need to make the effort and go see it - otherwise, isn't that just an incredible waste of all that amazing-ness?

That's definitely one thing that I've come to regret when I look back on my university years - I really should have used that opportunity to travel more (just like Amy is doing) - it was my last obligation-free times of my life and it would have been the perfect time to travel. 

But then again, that's what short city breaks are for, right?! I was speaking (writing?) in this post like that's it -  I graduated university and my window of travel/exploration opportunities is over but really it isn't. I'm only in my twenties, I get six weeks of holidays each year from my big girl job (as does the bf) - that's an absolute boatload of travel opportunities right there! 

Whilst writing this post, I've decided that the twenties will be my decade for travel (little does the bf know :P) - it's time for me to go out and experience the world - it can't be work work work all the time, right? 

Plus travel experience documentation makes for great blog posts :P

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 
-      Mark Twain

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Week In Pictures #78...

Hey everyone

It's MWIP time again and as it turns out this is going to be my last week of summer vacation!! I got a call on Monday and got my start date for my big girl world post-grad job to be next Monday! That's super scary seeing as I wasn't expecting to be called into work until after graduation (that would have give me another month of summer!) but I'm excited to get my career started!

Anyway, this last week of summer shaped up to be pretty awesome! It was filled with Little Prin cuteness, a trip to IKEA, getting my degree classification (a 2.1!!), digging up some home-grown potatoes, collecting/making bits and pieces for my new room (see {The Bedroom Redecoration Project} post!), watching lots of YT on the TV (thank the lord for HDMI cables!), trying Costa iced tea for the first time this year & celebrating the start of Wimbledon with some fresh British strawberries!

I hope y'all had a good week!
Lemme know what you got up to in the comments!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Personal Planner Review...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I'm graduating this summer and entering the big girl world of a post-graduate job I figured that it was the time to splurge on a new planner to take me into this new part of my life.

When entering the world of planner choosing - I was initially torn between a Kate Spade ({this one} is just stunningly classic!) but then again you can't beat a Lilly Pulitzer planner is like the planner (I've been swooning over {this one} ever since this year's collection was released!). 

The decisions.

Eventually, I decided that ordering a planner from the US wasn't really justifiable - and then I stumbled across {Personal Planners} - a completely customisable planner that's targeted towards bloggers? Sounds absolutely perfect for me!

So I went on to the {website} and then played around for at least a couple of hours customising my planner (but seriously - not just the front cover but the inside too - the page layout, the little 'extras' at the bottom of the pages, the 'extra' pages - so. many. choices.!!), eventually decided upon the design of my fully customised (seriously!) planner and placed my order.

And then waited patiently - well I tried to be patient, I was super excited to see how my planner turned out! - for my planner to arrive. Thankfully the creating and shipping of my planner only took a couple of weeks and this beautiful package arrived at my door super fast!

Personal Planner UK Review

Can we address the self-restraint it took for me to wait and set up this picture before ripping it open in my excitement?! Well done me, I think!

I love the package that Personal Planners come in - I'm a sucker for bright green (you'd never have guess from my blog design, right?!) - plus the cardboard packaging is super sturdy so the planners don't get wrecked in transport before they even get to you!

Anyway, time for the big reveal - here's my big girl planner for the next year...
Monogrammed Planner Personal Planner UK Review

Oh, yeh I monogrammed it - shocking, right?! 

After much deliberation I went for a large planner with a navy blue and white striped design and a white vine monogram - I got the design from {Printable Monogram}(and then played around with it with in picmonkey) before uploading it onto Personal Planner - the whole process was super easy and I love how it turned out!

As for the inside of my planner I decided to go for the list-y option for each of the days and then I chose 2 to-do lists and an idea section on the left hand pages and then a meal planner and notes section for the right hand side pages.

Personal Planner UK Review Inlay

Personal Planner UK Review Inlay

What I'm really looking forward to seeing with using this planner is seeing how well it can combine planning my day-to-day activities along with everything blog related too! 

Expect an updated post on how I've decided to organise my planner soon!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Week In Pictures #77...

Hey everyone

the life and times of belle my week in pictures #77

This week has seriously flow by! 

But it has been packed with fun times, here's what I got up to...

the life and times of belle my week in pictures #77

This week has been super fun! It was packed with new snack discoveries, two changes of nail polish (Barry M ‘Olive’ & Maybelline ‘Uptown Blue’), beautiful roses in the gardens, time spent working on {TheBedroom Decoration Project} (including an impromptu trip to Ikea – in which we bought way too much stuff to fit in a mini cooper haha!) and the discovery of a beautiful stripe/flower printed dress <3

I hope y'all had a good week!
Lemme know what you got up to in the comments!


Monday, 16 June 2014

The Bedroom Re-Decoration Project...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I'm going to be graduating in just a couple of weeks, I decided that it was time to completely overhaul my bedroom and get it ready for my 'big girl' life. 

Now, that was a good few months ago and it has taken me until now to really decided on the colour scheme and what I wanted my room to end up like. 

Of course I turned to my trusty {home decor}{pinterest} board for inspiration and noticed that I'd been pinning lots of rooms that were very clean and crisp in grey/white with lots of texture - so that's what I decided to aim for.

The plan is to paint the walls, paint the wardrobe doors, change the door knobs on the wardrobes, change the curtains, re-upholster the headboard, get all new furniture, create a gallery wall - yep, it's a massive project!

So, this is what I've come up with - my new room mood board...

white and grey bedroom decorating ideas

The paint I decided to go for was the Sanctuary Lady Grey for a feature wall (top swatch), Laura Ashley Pale Dove Grey (middle swatch) for the wardrobe doors and Home of Colour Pure Brilliant White (bottom swatch) for the other walls.

As for furniture I decided to go for the Ikea {MALM collection} in white - I like how plain and simple it is yet doesn't look super office-y - along with the {TOBIAS chair} (I've been wanting a replica ghost chair for ages!).

As for decor pieces - I've been loving anything white/grey/silver or textured - I think that little decor pieces are really going to help make my room to not look too clinical with the grey/white palette! The ruffle blanket is my latest obssesion - I think it's going to make my room just that little bit more girly. Thosse bow hooks are seriously too cute to pass up!

So that's where I think that I'm going in terms of my bedroom re-decoration - I'm really loving how it's looking (well in my head!) so far! - you can expect an update as soon as it's finished!

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