Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Favourites...

Hey everyone

I like closing the book of each with by rounding up what my favourites have been for the whole year - I did it for {2011} and {2012} too :)

So, here are my 2013 favourites...

Starbucks - This year a Starbucks opened pretty close to where I live (well, it's a 20 minute drive but I will out up with that for Starbs!) so this year was filled with Starbucks - it's my addiction and #imsorrythatimnotsorry about it!

Planning - I developed a new creative outlet with decorating my planner and making it more aesthetically pleasing to motivate me to use it more as a journal almost - I love it!

Tumblers - I developed quite the collection of tumblers this year; I just love how portable they are and how cute they look - it's a crazy obsession but I love it nonetheless!

Photography - I have developed a love of taking photos of trees, lakes and skylines this year - and even dipping my toes into the realms of editing them - I really want to develop (no pun intended, haha!) this in 2014!

Placement - I spent 14 weeks of 2013 on placement in my local hospital in the Pathology laboratory - it was one of the hardest things I've ever done but definitely the most rewarding - I absolutely loved it!

Lush Baths - After a few years off Lush I fell back in love with it this year. I found that taking Lush baths were a great way to relax and catch up on my 'fun' reading!

My iPhone - My birthday present to myself this year was my iPhone and I've thoroughly enjoyed being able to have access to the Internet on the go (without having to rely on wifi as with my iPod Touch!) and to be honest (as sad as it is) can't even fathom how I managed without it!

Little Prin - 2013 was the first year we had with Little Prin and I can honestly say that she has changed my life - I can't imagine what my life would be without her! She's always there for me for cuddles, brightens my day with her craziness and melts my heart with her cuteness!

The bf - April 2013 marked 5 years with the bf but we went through a couple of incredibly rocky patches this year and it was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. We are now back together and I looking back I can say that the whole experience made me realise just how much I want to be with him and has made my feelings for him just grow astronomically. 
Love you bf xx

This blog - My love for blogging has continued and grown this year - I especially love this blog re-design that I made for myself this year and the consistency I've had with blogging this year - I just love having this creative outlet for myself!

P.S. I totally joined the flipagram (iphone app) hype and made my own!


What are your 2013 favourites?

aHm xoxo

2014 Resolutions

Hey everyone

So last year was the first year that I actively made some resolutions so before I make my 2014 resolutions I want to review how I did with my 2013 resolutions.

MWIP - I'm very pleased to say that I successfully managed to post an MWIP every single week of 2013!! They are definitely my most favourite posts to write and also look back on - like a photo diary!
Jar of Happiness - I managed to fill up my jar with things that made me happy this year - I'm going to go through my jar this evening if I have chance (but I'm going out for NYE this year for a change so that may not happen!) or tomorrow and look back on everything that made me happy in 2013 - I'm really looking forward to reliving the happy parts of this year!
Say yes - This resolution was my weakest one - I didn't do so good on it :( In terms of placement I feel like I definitely got more out of my shell and more confident which is good, and I went to collect an award on my own which I would never really have done before! But in terms of going out with my friends I didn't say yes as much as I should have and I do regret that because I'm in my last year of uni so I'm not going to have to go out as much this year as I could have last year #regrets.

So all in all I didn't do too badly with my 2013 resolutions which has motivated me to make some 2014 resolutions...

MWIP - as I said before, these are my favourite posts to write and look back on so I want to keep that week by week record of my life going for another year.

Book Club - this summer I did a {Belle's Summer 2013 Book Club} feature and I loved writing reviews on the books that I had read over the summer. It got me thinking that I shouldn't let my 'fun' reading fall by the wayside during term time so hopefully by having book reviews as a weekly feature on here it will motivate me to find time to read just for fun - because I miss it! 

Higher Second Class Degree - I'm in my third and final year of my Bachelors degree now (a third of the way through it actually!) so it's getting to crunch time and my goal throughout my degree has been to come out with a first class degree but I really don't think that's possible now (those three stupid modules in second year when I was 1 mark of a first!). I want to make sure I really put all my effort into pushing to get the best possible degree I can in this home stretch - if that means settling for a 2.1 then that's what I'm going to have to do. I need to realise that that's still a really good degree classification, my course is basically just one step down from the difficulty level of studying medicine, and just because it probably wont be a first doesn't mean that it's the end of the world.

Life Building - as I said I'm finishing my degree this year (hopefully, unless I decide to go on and do my Masters) I need to figure out the whole getting a job situation (the application process is such a confidence weakening one!), going about entering the real big-girl world, making friends outside of studying - it's a minefield that I'm going to have to navigate this year if I want to start properly building a life for myself!

Jar of Happiness - I loved filling up my jar of happiness this year - I found it such a positive experience that really made me see how good 2013 was (despite some really dark times) and finish the year on a happy and positive note. I'd love to do the same in 2014.

Tattoo - I've been wanting a tattoo for years now (see {this} post) but was always worried that I wouldn't like something for long enough to commit to have it for life - as it turns out I've liked {this} tattoo for nearly three years now so I think 2014 might be the year to take the leap of faith and get it tattooed on me. I say all this and I just know that I'm going to end up chickening out, but hey ho - you have to have at least one unrealistic resolution, right?

So there are my 2014 resolutions - it's going to be a year of massive changes for me but here's hoping that on the whole it's a good one!

What are your 2014 resolutions? Or if you don't make 'resolutions' what are you goals for 2014? (I always think that 'resolution' can sound a bit forceful!)
Lemme know in the comments :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Gifts of 2013 - feat. JW ofc...

Hey everyone

So, today I'm going to be sharing what I got for Christmas with y'all - I love seeing what other people got for Christmas and sharing their excitement with them!

I always think that the most stressful part of Christmas is finding places to put your presents!

Every year since the millennium I've gotten a Harrods Christmas bear - this year's is called Sebastian and I love him so much!

After me craving over (see {this} post), finally getting my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MACin Hot Pink and using it every single day of the summer Ma decided that I needed a MAC in my life that was more appropriate for autumn/winter - she sneakily chose this one and I'm absolutely in love with it!

Ma also bought me these beautiful velvet slippers (after listening to me rave over them when I was writing {this} post!) ready for my interviews (fingers crossed I get some now!)

After my old wellibobs died *sob* (well they had lasted me two years of wearing them every day that it rained!) Ma replaced them for me - she chose this super cute print of horses and riders on navy - so adorable!

I also asked for another tumbler to add to my collection (I'm addicted, it's a problem!) - this mason jar one with a handle just makes me so happy!

Ma also bought me these mason jar shot glasses - not that I'm a big shot drinker - she just thought that they would look cute as decoration for my room! They're just so dinky! - I love miniature things!

When the bf and I made a trip to the Trafford Centre in early December and I discovered that there was a VS there I quickly rang Ma up and asked if I could pick some stuff out for her to wrap up for Christmas - I'm so pleased that I did! Ever since purchasing something from the VS in London in September, I'm a total convert to VS!

I decided that it was time to retire my Stitch plush keyring - being 20 now I think a more mature keyring was in order. I had my heart set on {this one} from {Design Darling} but with no shipping to the UK I sent Ma out on a quest to find me one similar - she did so well too find this one from the White Company! I think I even prefer the grey to the hot pink!

My bestie Lj had heard how obsessed I have become with planning since the summer (see {this} post!) and knew how much I had been lusting over a filofax so she bought me this organiser from Paperchase - I love how fun it is and I can't wait to start using it come the new year!

Ma also bought me some wax for my Barbour jacket that she bought me last year for Christmas - I've worn it so much that it is in desperate need of a re-wax!

Ma is an absolute candle hoarder (even worse than me!) so she bought me a couple of B&BW candles - another Mahogany Teakwood because I've been burning that at every chance I got since I bought it in the summer and Flannel - which has possibly become my knew favourite!

Again when I was with the bf in the Trafford Centre there were some DVDs that I wanted to add to our collection so I bought them for Ma to wrap up for me; The Bling Ring (in all honesty I only bought this one because it was on a 2 for £20 deal!), Despicable Me 2 (I love those minions so darn much!) and Monsters University (because I'm a sucker for a Disney film - especially one with Mike Wasowski in!)

Ma bought me this book as a stocking filler - she thought I'd enjoy reading it and honestly all of the answers have had me chuckling!

Nam spotted this awesome tray in Paperchase and knew my love for nachos so bought it for me - I feel a Mexican night is in order to break it in - I can't wait!

I love the Hamptons - Ma and I have been lusting to go there for years now so she spied these and said that she thought of me instantly!

Ma knows how much I love a good jar and I'm a big fan of flying saucers - two awesome presents in one!

I got a boat load of Soap & Glory products which I am just in love with! It's taking serious will power not to open them all at once!

I love beauty products so I was super pleased to receive a new eyeko Black Magic mascara (my absolute fave!), Benefit's Noelle perfume, Clarins Wake Up Booster, Clarins Cleansing Gel, Benefit's Rockateur (this with the Naked 3 palette completely satisfy my rose gold cravings!) and a new laura mercier Silk Creme Foundation (my holy grail foundation!)

My advent calender this month was the Ciate Mini-Mani Month so I received 24 Ciate polishes over the month - I've never tried Ciate polishes so I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Both Dad and Nam decided to further feed my nail polish addiction by buying me some polishes from Jack Wills - I must say kudos to them for not getting me the same colours despite not knowing each other was getting me some!

Speaking of JW, it wouldn't be Christmas if my Ma and Nam hadn't gone absolutely crazy in the JW shop and spoilt me absolutely rotten! They did it {last year} and {the year before} too! #soridiculouslylucky

I received...

a hot water bottle; a pheasant pouch (so cute!); a pencil pouch, and umbrella...

an iPad pouch, some sticky notes, some labels, an iPhone case...

a headband, some earmuffs, a scarf, a fur headband (so adorbs!)... 

a polo shirt, a pheasant tee (I just love pheasants!)...

a hoody, two pairs of sweatpants (to replace the ones I have basically worn out - they're just so darn comfy!) and...

four (yes, four!) pairs of gloves! - apparently this year was the year of the JW gloves! I think my family may be sick of me complaining of always having cold hands! 

My main present from my Nam was a complete and utter surprise (read: shock) - she bought me the Jack Wills Tilbury Bag - I literally squealed when I opened the bag! It is honestly such a luxurious every day bag - it's made of the softest leather I've ever felt (softer than LV by far!) - it smells so good! - and is the perfect size for carrying around on a daily basis! 

Ma surprised me again with some new Ray-Ban's - for about five years now I've been wearing my Dad's vintage black wayfarers and loving them - she decided that it was high time that I had my own so bought me the tortoiseshell new wayfarers - I couldn't be more in love!

Ma's main present to me this year was a new Barbour jacket! She bought me my waxed Barbour in sage last year so she bought me a waterproof longer jacket with a hood in navy this year! I love it so so so much! 

The bf totally surprised me this year and bought me the snuggliest cardigan hoody ever - it's so soft and warm! and an uber cute thermal mug (because he knows my obsession with mugs/tumblers!) - thank you so much bf - the best Christmas present you have given me is being back in my life - love you.

I am so utterly thankful and grateful to everyone who bought me gifts I love everything!

What did you get for Christmas this year? 
Lemme know in the comments!

aHm xox

Campus Exploration: Boxing Day Edition...

Hey everyone

We spent the morning of Boxing Day walking through Keele Woods on my university campus - after exploring the woods with my uni bestie K over this past autumn semester I was so excited to share it with my family!

Ma, Nam, Little Prin, the bf & I set off on our walk, starting at Keele Hall

It was a foggy morning and the Hall looked simply stunning, if a little spooky!

When we got round to the front of the Hall Nam and Ma were completely in awe - it is such a gorgeous building!

It was so misty that the main lake couldn't even be seen from the top of the hill - madness! 
But very nice to photograph!

I was going to the family across the famous Keele causeway but decided that probably wasn't the best idea!

The woods were seriously beautiful on that crisp winter morning!

I loved taking some shots of the lake - it's so easy to photograph, even I can get some good shots!

It was so quiet and peaceful out in the woods - the perfect way to walk off some of those Christmas choccies!

The lakes looked so eerily pretty with the fog curling over them, I was memorised!

I tried to capture it as best as I could - but I'm not sure I did it justice!

The woods were so creepy too - I love photographing these woods!

I felt a tad like Hansel and Gretal leading all of them through the woods!

When we finally finished our walk and emerged from the woods the fog had lifted, the sky had cleared and it was even a bit sunny! 

I feel so utterly blessed to have called this gorgeous campus home for the last three years :)

Little Prin absolutely loved her walk, especially seeing as she was allowed to get as muddy as she liked!

aHm xox

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