Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Happy Birthday To Me...

Hey everyone

So today is the day - I have officially left my teenage years behind me and hit the big 2-0 - jeez does that make me feel old!

I shall be spending my day chilling with the bf and family - maybe going for some {fro-yo} and then going out to my fave American barbecue restaurant {Hickory's} this evening for some dinner and jam-jar cocktails - I'm excited!

aHm xoxo

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Glitter Sandal Hunt...

Hey everyone

I have been lusting after the target glitter sandals ever since I've first saw them being splashed all over the blogosphere - they are just too perfect!

But, seeing as I am target-less here in the UK (much to the relief of my bank account but to my utter dismay!) I have been on the hunt to find me some sparkly sandals!

After many hours trawling the interwebs on many different days - I finally found some feasible options...

So these were the Target originals that had sparked sparkled (I'm hilarious aren't I :P) off my interest - the perfect sandal for the perfect price in my opinion - why oh why is there no Target in the UK?! I then spotted these from {River Island} - they're slightly more gem-y/stone-y rather than glittery but the effect is the same - the price however definitely is not! But then I struck gold - or rather silver :P - I spied these beauties in {Matalan} - glitter sandals in either gold or silver for only £10 - what a steal!

I just wish that I had found them at the start of the summer  - I just can't justify buying a new pair of sandals so late in the season no matter how much of a great deal/how much I had been lusting after them!

Are you as much of a fan of the glitter sandals as I am?

aHm xoxo

Saturday, 27 July 2013

MWIP: 30/52...

Hey everyone

So I'm still without a laptop which explains the lack of posts - sorry about that! 
But, I have just ordered my new laptop so I should be back to posting soon - I've missed it!

Anyways, this week was a crazy last week of placement so my pictures are few and far between, but - nevertheless here they are...

...my first 15 stars free drink voucher came! I'm so excited to use it!

...I bought a new diary for 2013/2014 - yes I did buy the exact same diary as I got last year - I just loved it so much! Who can say no to Winnie?!

...I became a massive fan of Nivea! I repurchased the in-shower moisturiser (an absolute god send if you are lazy like me and can't be bothered to moisturise after a shower!) and thought I'd try their creme soft shower creme - I love it! They both smell so clean and fresh - perfect so this glorious heat wave in the UK at the moment!

...I finished my second block of placement - I was super sad to leave haematology - I loved it so much and felt like I fitted right in and learnt loads! But I do have to say that I won't miss these early starts for the next five weeks!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MWIP: 29/52...

Hey everyone

So first off - apologies if my little blog is being a tad quiet this week - my laptop is ever so slightly dead meaning that I cant write posts - so I'm in the process of choosing a new one to order!

Nevertheless - here's what I did this week...

...had a lovely summery Sunday lunch outside with the family
...set the TV up outside to watch the final of Wimbledon with Ma - so proud of Andy Murray!!
...made Mexican for the bf and I - completely forgetting that he isn't the biggest fan of spicy foods - sorry bf!
...painted my nails with OPIs 'Don't Touch My Tutu!'
...got a very exciting package in the post from {American Soda} - all my faves!
...bought some new work shoes for this heat wave England is experiencing still (loving it!) - I chose the Birkenstocks because I can wear them without socks and I know that once they're broken in, they will be the comfiest shoes ever! Plus the pattern is really cute :P
...had a Starbs (a really disappointingly rubbish one) in Liverpool when we took G for his eye clinic appointment.
...took Prin for a walk round the lakes - she had fun investigating (and being a big chicken) the water

...took some pretty pictures on said walk around the lakes

...reached my first Starbs reward - it was a proud moment :P
...spent some time with my babies - they're just too cute. They're not big fans of this hot weather though!
...spent Saturday having some quality time with my kindle, reading in the sunshine and breaking in my new {monogrammed mason jar tumbler} with some raspberry iced tea :)
...went to the zoo on Sunday with Lj and my goddaughter - I had an awesome time wandering around with them!

...couldn't resist buying me and Lj half a yard of slush each at the zoo! It was just too fun to pass up and I'm addicted to blue slush anyway! We did end up getting a refill later on in the day so it ended up that we both had a yard of slush - I think that's pretty impressive :P

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

MWIP: 28/52...

Hey everyone

So this week was a busy one, I...

...went to watch Despicable Me 2 with the bf - I loved the first film mainly because the minions were so cute, wasn't that much of a fan of them being turned purple but I did love the second film anyway!

...shared a pizza with the bf before we went to watch the film 
fun fact: the first time we met was at that same Pizza Hut five years ago - it was the start of something pretty awesome - love you bf

... laughed as the bf ordered a chocolate milkshake as his drink of choice - he's such a child :P

...had a sleepy Princess for company

...got very excited when the bf brought me a Magnum ice cream - he knows just what treats I love!

...painted my nails with OPIs 'My Pointe Exactly' - because it's so sheer it did need three coats but with a base coat and a top coat it lasted for 6 days on my nails - and that's with me working in a lab too (so my nails get ruined pretty fast!) - I was so impressed!

...enjoyed my fave carpaccio when I went out for dinner with my Dad. I've just found a restaurant that serves it near me and I literally have to stop myself from going every week just to get my carapaccio fix! I need to take the bf because he loves carpaccio too! 
side note: give me carpaccio (raw beef) over sushi (raw fish) anyday!

...watched some Wimbledon with Prin and Ma

...finished my Yankee 'Beach Walk' candle - I was sad to see this one end because I really loved the smell of it! Especially the sea salt - I'm loving the smell of sea salt at the moment! 

...bought Princess a new box for all her toys - I thought it was just so cute and it goes# so well with the shabby chic decor in our lounge :)

...found some Flipz at TK Maxx so just had to pick them up 

...spent nearly the whole of Saturday in the garden soaking up the glorious sunshine-y weather we are having at the moment! I'm seriously praying that it's here to stay now!

...found a massive ragwort plant growing in my garden! These plants usually grow near horses and are poisonous to them (and us!) so every year I have to battle with digging them all up and burning them before the horses eat them. 
But seeing as I don't keep my horses in my garden I have no idea how this plant got here! Needless to say that I dug it up and disposed of it pretty quick because of how poisonous its scent is (and I didn't want Prin eating it!). 
I just hope that none of the neighbours have any in their gardens because they might not know it's poisonous and just leave it to grow - the yellow flowers it has aer pretty nice and deceiving :S

...loved how beautiful Nam's garden is looking at the moment

...had a sneaky mini bottle of Lanson when we had a family takeaway night at Nams - it was the perfect thirst quencher for a hot summers evening!
...ate outside when we had said takeaway night at Nams. Didn't she set the table all lovely and summery?!

...had an impromptu photo shoot with Princess when I had my sun-worshipping day - isn't she just adorable?!

What did you do this week?
P.S. feel free to link up with your MWIP - I'd love to see them!

aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Belle's Book Club: Ransom My Heart...

Hey everyone

Next up in my Belle's Book Club: Summer 2013 series I'm sharing - Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot


Synopsis (via Goodreads

He's a tall, handsome knight with a secret. She's an adventurous beauty with more than a few secrets of her own. Finnula needs money for her sister's dowry, and fast. Hugo Fitzstephen, returning home to England from the Crusades with saddlebags of jewels, has money, and lots of it. What could be simpler than to kidnap him and hold him for ransom?

Well, for starters, Finnula could make the terrible mistake of falling in love with her hostage.

My Thoughts

First off can I start by say - wow - just wow! I seriously was so utterly absorbed in this story that I just couldn't get enough - I was reading it in every spare moment I had!

Now, when I was younger I loved Meg Cabot's books - I think she is an amazing author - the first of which being the Princess Diaries series (couldn't get enough of it to be honest!), and when I saw that the pen name for this book was Mia Thermopalis I knew I had to read it! Although, to be honest, I don't really think that it needed to be Mia - I would have read it without it being Mia and it just being Cabot. Plus, this book definitely isn't for younger readers so I'm not entirely sure if associating it with the Princess Diaries is the best way to go - maybe it was just because I read the Princess Diaries series when I was younger than the intended audience was - but anyhow, that's irrelevant.

I feel like I don't read enough period novels so I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a period piece - I thought that the language was really appropriate for the time but wasn't confusing or unmanageable for the reader - no confusing Shakespeare here!

What really had me super engaged from the very beginning was the characterisation - Hugo and Finn had me from the very start. I loved how Finn was portrayed as like a female Robin Hood (I'm a massive Robin Hood fan, so the fact that this book was set in the time of the Crusades was a bonus!) poaching from the rich to feed the poor whilst the Lord of the Manor was away fighting in the Crusades and the man running his estates for him was basically pants. 

Having written that I am seeing the startling similarity to the Robin Hood story (on the TV series - which is amazing by the way, give it a watch if you haven't already!) - maybe that's why I was so obsessed! 

I loved how Finn was such a strong female character, especially in that time - it was definitely refreshing to read about a women going round standing up for what she felt was right despite going against the social expectations of a woman. 

But, I have to say that it was Hugo that I fell for. Reading about how he just fell for Finn immediately was just so cute!

Their love story and how one had fallen for the other but the other didn't realise that they had really had me hooked. I found myself so engaged and just willing them both to realise what was going on and hurry up and get together because it was so obvious that they were perfect for each other!

I also really liked the plot of this book - it wasn't your typical plain sailing love story - there were some defintiely unexpected twists - especially Finn's secret! 

My only issue with this book was that it is a standalone - I'm gutted that it isn't a series! I fell so hard for the characters that I'm sad that I wont be able to read more about them! That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to re-read this book again to re-vist the characters again!

I would highly highly reccommend this book!

Would you read this book? 

aHm xoxo

Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Nails...

Hey everyone

Since I've been on placement (and been stress free now that the uni year is over!) my nails have been growing like crazy (finally!) so obviously I've been loving painting them and discovering new nail polish colours.

So, I thought I'd share my fave summer nail polished with y'all :) ...

As you can see I'm all about the bright coloured nails for summer 

This polish is on its lonesome because it doesn't really fall into any of the categories I've put the others in but I just had to include it - Andrea Fullerton's Trio in Petrol in the Water is this super awesome polish that looks exactly like that awesome rainbow colour that happens when petrol gets on water (guess the clue is in the name! :P) - so unusual!

I'm loving a bit of orange this summer - Barry M's Papaya Gelly Polish is such a pretty understated colour but for me it's Nails Inc.'s Westbourne Grove that really steals the show - it's this insanely bright neon (as in glow in the dark bright) orange - it is so perfect for summer!

Now, seeing as I'm on placement at the moment, I like to have some more professional-looking nail polish on - enter OPI's Kyoto Pearl - it actually looks like pearls are on your nails; so pretty! - and Barry M's Lychee Gelly Polish - for me, this is the most perfect nude polish!

Next up is the pinks - I wouldn't really consider myself much of a 'pink girl' but apparently I love a bit of pink polish in the summer time! 
Now, I know that JW is not a brand that is well known for its nail polish but I adore these two pinks - Electric Pink and Hot Pink - not very exciting names but beautiful colours. Electric Pink is a standard neon pink (very pretty) but Hot Pink is definitely my fave - it's a lovely fuchsia colour :) 
Another Barry M Gelly Polish has obviously been included because (if you haven't guessed already) I love their formulation and this Dragon one is a perfect milky pink - a staple in everyones collection if you ask me! 
Finally, this Butter London Disco Biscuit has been on my wish list for ages and I finally picked it up not too long ago - it's a stunning fuchsia with blue glitter in it - it's stunning!

Seeing as I wouldn't class myself as a 'pink girl' I would definitely class myself as a 'blue girl' - hence why my blue/green corner is the largest - if I'm honest I really had to limit myself when I pulled these from my collection! 
As you can see, the majority of these are the Barry M Gelly Polishes; I just think they do the most stunning blue/greens! Key Lime is the perfect lime green (I've been searching for one for eons; I find greens can look a little icky if you're not careful!). Blue Grape (I've have to say that I've never seen a blue grape though) is a stunning cobalt - I swear, since I've bought this, I've become obsessed with everything and anything cobalt! Blueberry is a lovely mid-tone blue - it reminds me of a pool :P Greenberry isn't really very green in my world - I'd say it's a really pretty turquoise and I love it! Guava is a teal colour that I think will look great with a tan!
Finally, Nails Inc.'s Haymarket is the most perfect Tiffany Blue colour that I've ever found. It literally matches perfectly! I adore it - I always tend to wear it when I'm at a loss as to what colour to wear because I know that it will match my Tiffany necklace whatever I'm wearing :)

Please let me know in the comments what your fave nail polishes for summer are - being the nail polish hoarder that I am, I'm always on the lookout for some pretty colours to add to my collection!

P.S. Well done me for using my actual camera to take these photos - #problogger #onlyjoking :P

aHm xoxo

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Belle's Book Club: Seizure

Hey everyone

Next up in my Belle's Book Club: Summer 2013 series I'm sharing - Seizure by Kathy Reichs


Synopsis (via Goodreads

Ever since Tory Brennan and her friends rescued Cooper, a kidnapped wolf pup with a rare strain of canine parvovirus, they've turned from regular kids into a crime-solving pack. But now the very place that brought them together - the Loggerhead Island Research Institute - is out of funding and will have to shut down. That is, unless the Virals can figure out a way to save it.

So when Tory learns of an old Charleston legend about a famous she-pirate, Anne Bonney, whose fortune was never found, she can't believe her luck - buried treasure is exactly what she needs to save the Institute on Loggerhead! Trouble is, she and her friends aren't the only ones looking for it. And this time, the Virals' special powers may not be enough to dig them out of trouble . . .

My Thoughts

When I eventually go into the {first} book in this series - I knew that I was hooked! - I couldn't get my hands on this second book fast enough!

Now that I knew all of the characters from the first book I felt like I got engaged with this one a lot quicker than the first - aside from a bit of unnecessary repeating of information, for example how they got the virus in the first place - but I understand how, by doing this the author can ensure that any reader can pick up this book and know what's going on without having to have read the rest of the series - quite clever really, but a bit annoying for people who have only just read the first book!

Again, like the first book, I found that the pace of this plot was super fast and really engaging - I literally flew through this book in just a couple of days! I loved the whole pirate element, I thought it was a really fresh take on finding hidden treasure that had quite a sinister element to it! I love the path that the plot took you on - it was twisted and full of surprises, there were dead ends and false trails that definitely had me intrigued as to where the treasure would actually be hidden.

The complexity of all of the characters and their respective subplots all linked in to one another was really clever - the author was simply incredible at leaving you in suspense right 'til the very end before tying up all of the loose ends and revealing how everything all fitted together.

The two big twists towards the end of the book really had me shocked - I did not expect it to be who it actually was in the end at all! And for that to happen twice over made for seriously good reading!

I enjoyed reading about how the virals gang were testing and learning about their powers - they didn't just suddenly have them all under control and sussed out - I felt like I was learning along with them - very good for engaging me in to the story.

I am seriously loving this series right now! And, I stand by what I said in my review of the  {first book - the virals are definitely a modern interpretation of the Famous Five - and I love it!

Would you read this book? 

aHm xoxo

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