Saturday, 29 September 2012

Craft: DIY Heart Sweater...

 Hey everyone

[via] credit goes to Carly @ College Prep (this is in no way mine!)

I've been seeing these J.Crew and this Old Navy sweaters everywhere recently but seeing as I can't really justifying that much for just a sweater/shipping I thought I would take a leaf out of the many DIYs out there (google them - there are many - so the credit for this idea goes to all of them!) and exhaust my creativity my attempting to make one myself for a considerably cheaper price! I like how mine turned out so I thought I'd share my experience with you..

So, what you're gonna need:
  • A plain sweater
  • A sheet of felt
  • A heart template (obs gonna need a laptop and printer for this too :P)
  • Some scissors
  • A sharpie
  • A few paperclips (or tape - basically anything to hold the template in place whilst you're cutting)
  • Some fusible web (steam-a-seam USA-wise)
  • An iron

First things first - there was no way my drawing talents were gonna be good enough to draw a heart freehand so decided to enlarge a clip art heart (in Word) to fit on an A4 piece of paper and print it off  as a template - issue avoided easy! 

I ended up buying three sheets of felt because they were on 3 for 2 in the shop - these literally cost me like £1!

I then cut out the inside of the template (definitely the most fiddly bit!)... 

... then paperclipped it onto the felt to hold it in place

Next I drew around the template using my trusty sharpie and cut the felt heart out - can I recommend using proper craft scissors for this step because it was ridiculously annoying trying to cut felt with normal scissors!

I finally found some iron on webbing stuff (side note: I'd been looking in this same craft shop for this stuff in the middle of the summer to make a monogrammed pocket tee but the woman working in their was adamant that she didn't have a clue what I was talking about and they didn't sell it - I somehow think she was mistaken) - again this wasn't too expensive; only a few pounds.

I cut out the heart again out of the fusible web stuff this time and placed it in the middle of my sweater. A great tip that Ma showed me to make sure it's central is by folding the sweater in half and ironing a crease down the fold thus giving you a central line - this never occurred to me!

I then laid the felt heart on top of the web, placed a towel on top (because I was worried in case the felt became all shiny with the heat) and ironed it - et voila!...

...the finished product! I can't believe this actually worked! I love how the mustard and crimson look together - such autumnal colours! And it's great how I've managed to avoid throwing this sweater away (which I was going to do before because I've worn it so much I was sick of wearing it!) and have upcyled it! 

I had another sweater in the same style that was going to end up being thrown away but this time in a purple colour so I decided to add a heart to this one too...

...I used cream coloured felt this time and again I love how the colour contrast looks! 

I'm so pleased with how easy this craft was yet how great it turned out! I am definitely thinking of getting some other sweaters and felt and customising them! I'm thinking a star (or a few stars) or music notes would look cute? Watch this space! :P

Have you got the J.Crew or Old Navy sweater? Would you have a go at this DIY - lemme know in the comments :)

aHm xoxo

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Liebster Award...

Hey everyone

I was tagged by Taylor over at PearlsandPonies for the Liebster Award [I love how this is awarded to up and coming bloggers - such a great idea to get your blog out there!] - so exciting! I recently found Taylors blog and loved it so go check it out! :)

Anyways here are the rules: 

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer. [love this part!]
3. Choose people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. Remember, no tag backs!

Okay so 11 random things about me (apologies if I've already said these before - there are only so many random facts a person has!)

1. I have become obsessed with country music - this may not seem odd to some of you reading this (Southern preps I'm looking at you!) but seeing as I'm currently residing in a little town in the North of England it's pretty random - none of my friends share my love for  this much genre - le sigh. 
Funny story: I head The Band Perrys song If I Die Young in the background of a soap the other day and may or may not have gotten a tad over excitied #sorryimnotsorry
2. Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Fraps are my absolute weakness - I have been know to drive half an hour each way just to go to my nearest Starbucks - I think I may have a problem :P
3. I love learning - being stuck in a job where you don't learn new things sounds like a nightmare to me - that's partly why I chose a career as a scientist - it's ever-evolving.
4. The only rides that I will go on in theme parks are the water rides- seriously I am not a fan of roller coasters
5. The only time I have either the radio or music on fairly loud in my car is if it's raining - I can't stand listening to the sound of rain hitting my car - it scares me
6. I don't like 'moving heights' but can quite happily deal with 'stationary heights' - ie. roller coasters are a no go (see 4.) along with lifts but walking along glass floors are fine #nosense
7. I can sigh read most music for the piano but the one piece I can know by heart and can play by ear is 'Greased Lightening' #musicalfan
8. I wish that the UK had sororities - I would have loved to have experienced sorority life whilst in uni
9. It's a running joke with me and my friends that if we don't win a Nobel prize in our field of work we will have failed because it seems like everyone we hear of in our work has won one 
10. I've been dabbling in the idea of become a Buddhist for about 3 years now - ever since I studied Buddhism at GCSE - I love how everything they believe hinges on understanding and accepting the facts that there will always be suffering in the world (Dukkha), there is 'no self' (Anatta) &  there will always be impermanence (Anicca) - I think that these are reasonable things to believe in and yep I follow the Dalai Lama on twitter
11. I'm naturally very inquisitive - I have to know the ins and outs of everything and the reasons behind it!

Rightio - now for my answers to Taylors questions...

1. What song do you go to when you are feeling down?
Any Mcfly song without a doubt - particularly ones from their Radio:ACTIVE album

2. Favorite Olympian?
Ahh tough choice - it's between Tom Daley (phwooar!!) or Zara Philips (I love how normal she is considering she's a royal)

3. Your opinion on Scott, excuse me, Lord Disick?
Love him! The only reason I watch the Kardashians!

4. Do you watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?
Seeing as I'm from the UK I can't watch it but from what I've seen on YT I think I'd have to give it a try - it looks hilarious!

5. What is the farthest you've traveled away from your home town?
To Poland on a History trip when I was studying Nazi Germany - it was such a poignant, memorable trip.

6. Favorite band?
Mcfly (you may have guessed :P) but I also am a massive fangirl of love a local band - The Retrospective

7. What time do you wake up in the morning?
Naturally I wake up around 9am (depending on how late I went to sleep the night before - hello 4am summer nights!) but around 7am if I have a 9am class at uni :S

8. Favorite magazine?
My guilty pleasure reads are Teen Vogue and Seventeen #sorryimnotsorry also I love The Smart Girls Guide and Sweet Lemon Magazine too :)

9. What was the favorite pet you ever had?
I honestly couldn't choose - I love them all so much! I really do miss my cat Trebor (after the strong mints - he was white) though.

10. Have you ever met someone famous?
Not that I can recall - I've seen some famous people on a resort in Spain that I used to spend every holiday at but I never really 'met' them

11. What is the biggest city you've ever been to?
I think London is bigger than either Paris or Krakow so I'm gonna say that one :)

Here are my 11 questions for Becky @ Preppy PreMed, Chloe @ The Preppy Diaries, Grace @ Preppy on the West Coast and of course anyone else who wants to answer them!

1. What's your favourite guilty pleasure junk food to snack on?
2. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
3. What's your favourite thing about autumn/fall?
4. Do you have any quirky habits?
5. Do you collect anything? (I collect campervan related anything!)
6. What's your favourite scent in a candle? (for example I prefer musky scents over sweet cake scents!)
7. What could you absolutely not leave the house without?
8. If you could only shop at one store/brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?
9.Where's one place that you want to visit in your life?
10. What's your favourite Disney character?
11. Do you wear any jewellery every day without fail? If so what?

Thank you again to Taylor for tagging me in this - these questions were so much fun to answer!
aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hey everyone

I just joined Bloglovin' so if you want to go ahead and follow me over there I'd be ecstatic :)

I'm loving bloglovin' - such an easy way to follow all your fave blogs all in one place :)

aHm xoxo


Hey everyone

This week has been a pretty 'bleh' week if I'm honest - I've got some sort of virus so I've spent most of the week in bed (#sorryimnotsorry) trying to get better for when I go back to uni - as it turns out my course doesn't start until Thursday so I ended up with another week of summer! - having said that the weather in England isn't exactly autumnal; we've had torrential rain for the last couple of days - it's caused major flooding over most of the UK but luckily my area hasn't been affected too badly - good thoughts to those who have been affected by the floods.

So here's MWIP;

This arrived in the post at the start of the week so I thought I would give it a try seeing as I was thinking about joining LOVEFiLM anyways. I'm really glad that I tried the free trial before committing myself because I'm not really that impressed to be honest; I'm more of a TV series watcher rather than a film fan and sadly the selection of films is a lot greater than that of TV series - having said that if I fancy watching a film in the next 45 days I will definitely use this service! 

Do you use LOVEFiLM or Netflix? Are you a fan?

The horrible weather and the decidedly chillier airs as of late meant that I felt it necessary to break out my onesie collection :) After months of being anti-onesie-ist I am now a huge fan!

Do you own a onesie/footsie pajamas?

Being ill has called for lots of mahussive mugs of hot blackcurrant to soothe my throat and biscuits - because biscuits are always a good idea :P

I eventually got around to downloading iOS 6 - I love the new mail and music designs but simply can't understand why they would change the maps away from Google #sillyapple 

I really liked the 'today' list feature in Reminders - it make writing daily to-do lists even easier! 

What do you think about the new software?

The bf brought me Reese's to help me get better :) 

My go-to crisp fall outfit (before the rains set in!) - 
chunky sweater, leggings, comfy slipper-like shoes 
side note: these UGGs are only allowed out in the autumn and spring on dry days - I'm very protective over them #sorryimnotsorry. 

On a comfy slipper-like shoe note - I'm thinking about buying some Minnetonka moccasins; do any of you have them? Are they as comfy as they look?

Monday, 24 September 2012

What's In My Bag - Uni Edition...

Hey everyone

Seeing as it is this week that I go back to uni - so my summer is officially over :( - even though I don't have my first lab until Thursday (yay for another few days of summer! #clutchingatstraws) I thought I'd share my essentials that I carry with me to uni :)

So confession time - yeh I am that girl who takes everything bar the kitchen sink with them :P All of this fits into my Longchamp Le Pliage (medium in navy) really comfortably though so that's good :) 

I can't express how much I love these bags - I got mine for my 17th birthday and used it every single day of my first year of uni and it still looks brand new! 

Okay so here are my actual learning essentials; I have this thin ring plastic binder in which I keep my lab schedules, extra paper, to-do lists and all of my lecture handouts for a week - the way I learn in lectures is by printing off the lecture handouts and annotating them; that way I've found I don't miss anything extra that the lecturer may say whilst I'm struggling to copy down the basic info from the slides. Then I have my pencil case and of course my planner  (it's Winnie the Pooh!!)- I would be lost without this! Uni -wise I write down my basic timetable in the timetable section, my daily timetable and all of my deadlines in the day section. 

Are you a planner addict too?

This is my timetable for this semester - seeing as I have four modules I was expecting it to be a little bit more full than this so it worries me how much work I'm gonna have to do outside of taught time :S but on the plus side I have no 9ams this year! #woopwoop

In my pencil case I carry; post-its (great for reminders), a ruler (because I have to draw graphs sometimes in labs), a sharpie (for writing on glassware in labs), an eraser, a couple of my fave mechanical pencils (these are the Pentel e-sharp 0.5 if you were wondering and are the only ones that the lead doesn't break on me!), highlighters for highlighting important info on lecture slides (I actually carry a pink, green, purple and blue with me because I have four modules and each folder for each module is one of those colours - so everything matches - I'm OCD like that :P), my pen of choice this year is a BIC one with four colours again so it matches my folders :P and then I always have a hair tie in my pencil case in case I need one in a lab or if I want my hair out of the way for a test or something.

What are your pencil case essentials?


I carry a make up bag around with me too - with concealer and powder (I never use these but still keep them in here just in case!), lipbalm, a mirror, a nail file (because nothing annoys me more than breaking a nail and then ruining it by picking at it for the rest of the day), a rollerball perfume (this one is Love, etc. from The Body Shop - it's smells beaut!), some eye drops (for when my eyes get dry after a lot of time in a lab), more hair ties (labwork again) and some bobby pins.

What's in your make-up bag that you carry around with you?

These are just some other bits and pieces I find myself reaching for at uni on a daily basis; in another little pouch (I big on pouches or bags for organisation!) I keep my uni ID card and some money in a card wallet (the brown leather thing), some mints (I don't like gum because I'm always afraid I'm gonna swallow it and spearmint softmints are my mint of choice!) and my earphones (Because I have to listen to music if I'm in the library working or walking from the car park on campus. Aren't these ones cute? They are little flowers!) I also thrown an umbrella in my bag that just stays there - this one is just a boring black one so I'm on the hunt for a cute cheap one! - because inevitably in England it will rain at some point in the week :P 

What are your essentials for college/uni?
aHm xoxo

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Sumer Recap...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I start my second year of uni tomorrow (err where did those 3 months of summer go?!) I thought it'd be fun to document and share my favourite parts of the summer :)

Spending a week in Blackpool was so much fun :)

Especially visiting all the attractions with the bf :)

Costa catch-ups with the besties and Costa dates with the bf - there were a lot of those! :P 

Spending afternoons in the garden reading :)

Ma, Nam and I had our annual Snugburys ice-cream trip :)

I spent my last summer with my little pumpkin :)

The bf and I went on a walk through the countryside :)

No summer is complete without blue raspberry slush :)

Ma and I discovered this awesome tapas bar :)

The bf and I went on a picnic :)

My first summer of driving had to have its own playlist :)

My drink of the summer - Costa Raspberry Iced Tea - so good!

Of course spending my birthday in New Brighton with my family - perfect :)

And not forgetting my little babies - they are just too cute!

All in all I had a great summer - family, friends, good books, sunshine (most of the time :P), country music - what more could I have asked for?

What was the best part of your summer?

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hey everyone

Well it has finally arrived - the last MWIP of the summer :( I can't believe how fast this last month has gone!

I've got a really bittersweet feeling about summer having ended - as much as I love the rest and relaxation I had over summer I can't wait to get back to uni and start learning again - I swear my brain feels like its gotten out of the habbit of being used! The same goes for my friends - I'm really sad to see my friends go back to uni (I've had my last night out with my home buddies (not trying to me gangsta - I mean my buddies I know from home not uni :P) and I only have one Costa catch-up left) but I'm super excited that my uni buddies have moved back :D I can't wait for some great nights out with them :)

Anyways here's this weeks pictures;

This weeks nail colour was OPIs 'My Private Jet' - such a good autumn colour! I can definitely see myself reapplying this colour before this season is over - I like how it's dark but the glitter keeps it interesting :)

I tried a chai latte for the first time this week from Costa - I desperately wanted to like it but I just found it sort of 'meh' (as in not crazy exciting or delicious) :S It was alright but not something I would order time and time again - if I did order it again I definitely wouldn't have cinnamon on it - the barista put waay too much on - I was practically doing my own cinnamon challenge :P

When my cat passed away a couple of years ago I bought a pot for the garden to fill with flowers to remember him so I did the same for Daisy - without even planning it I ended up buying the same pot as I had already got for my cat #fate

I tried Snapple this week for the first time - I'm a sucker for any drink in a glass bottle! It was so yummy - a new fave for sure! I especially liked the Snapple Fact on the inside of the lid - such a cute touch :)

I found this disgusting creature in my bath - not a fan.

I had to sneak in a trip to Starbucks when we took a family trip to New Brighton for Ma's birthday :) I couldn't see mocha cookie crumble frap on the menu so I was gutted but it turned out they could make it for me anyway #yay :)

Ma and I went on a mini shopping trip on her birthday and she treated herself to some new jewellery and then decide to buy me this ring too - I love it and how unusual it is! She's so sweet bless her :)

I used my Starbucks tumbler for the first time this week for my iced tea #fave

On our New Brighton trip we had our traditional fish and chips lunch - so bad yet so good!

We spent about an hour watching a group of students with some dogs playing about on the beach and in the sea - we think they must have been volunteers in a dogs home because none of the dogs seemed to belong to just one owner. They were so adorable - Ma fell in love with one of them; it was called Scraggy and had such a little attitude bless it!

I even managed to make Ma a cake - I'm pretty impressed with it myself; seeing as I'm not gifted in cooking - I burnt myself the other day when I was just putting a pan into the oven #fail

I saw a dolphin whilst in New Brighton too - albeit it was made of driftwood but still pretty impressive I think!

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