Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Hey everyone

When I was re-decorating my room I added more photos to my mini photo wall I have going on above my desk so I thought I'd share some of my photos and the memories that go with them :)

Here's an overview of my photo wall...

1. The Christmas card that G made me - it's me as an angel - how creative is she?!
2. The Monsters Ball at uni - the first proper night out I had with the uni besties :)
3. One of my fave photos of me and the bf taken in my favourite place on the planet - that was such a good holiday
4. Places I want to visit in America
5. The first holiday the bf and I went on to Wales (yes he really did have that hairstyle :P #loveitreally)
6. The family and I went to watch some driving trials(horseyness) and we found a stand that was selling a 'chip on a stick' - basically a potato skewer; it was hilarious trying to eat it!

7. A couple of years back we spent Boxing Day with a picnic on the beach in Blackpool - it was so much fun!
8. My fave pic of Ma when she was younger :)
9. Ma and I making a speech at my 16th birthday party
10. Prom with the besties and our fave teacher #DJDan
11. The besties and I spent a day in Manchester for my 17th birthday - it was such a fun day :)
12. The besties and I when we went to The Box for a gig - love live music haha 
13. On the last day of Sixth Form the besties and I dressed up as ninjas - it was hilarious

14. Me holding baby Bethany (my god-daughter!) for the first time :)
15. Christmas dinner with the uni besties
16. The uni besties and I were bored waiting for a lecture to start at Christmas last year - I love this pic because it reminds me of what good friends I've made at uni :)

Do you have a photo wall or a memories board? What are your fave memories on it?
aHm xoxo

Monday, 30 July 2012

Happy Birthday Me!...

So today is the day when I leave my glorious 18th behind and step into the last of my teenage years :)

I'm gonna be spending the day with my family and the bf in Parkgate (fingers crossed the weather is nice!) :)
Hopefully I'm gonna go out for dinner with just the bf at some point this week too :)

aHm xoxo

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Recent Haulage...

Hey everyone

I seem to have been in a bit of a shopping mood as of late so I thought I'd share my various purchase with you all :)

*Warning: Picture heavy post :)*

Ever since I bought my Benefit ChaCha and Posie Tints I've been looking for something to wear over them because alone I found them to be quite drying on the lips. I've been using Vaseline until I found these babies - perfect in colour, incredibly moisturising and long lasting - love! Side note: how much of a dupe for Clinique's Chubby Sticks? Crazy!

After reading great things about the MUA Undressed Palette as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette I knew I had to try it out! I've been lusting after the Naked Palette for so long but I just couldn't justify the astronomical price so this £4 alternative seemed like it was worth a go. I absolutely love it! The colours are extremely similar and although the quality isn't up to UD standard it's still very nice and useable - definitely new fave! I've loved using the MUA palette to play around with my go-to neutral everyday eye makeup :)

I spotted this panda hoodie in New Look a couple of weeks ago and absolutely couldn't resist it - it has ears on the hood for goodness sake! #toocute I know it may be a tad childish but I think I could make it work with some black leggings for a day at uni when I feel like being comfy :)

I was bored with my film selection so I bought this little selection from Amazon. Love Monte Carlo - it's like my perfect film! I wanted to watch The Last Song after reading (and loving) the book. And to be honest I only really bought Breaking Dawn because it was reduced and I have this real issue where if I've got one film in a series I have to get the rest of them even if I'm not really a fan anymore - is this just me?

When I'm at uni my uniform is basically jeans, converse and a simple t-shirt so with this in mind I'm always on the lookout for cute/funky tee's. As a complete Chupa Chups fanatic (confession: I have a box of approx. 30 sat in my room #sorryimnotsorry) this shirt just had to come home with me :P

I've been looking for some rollerball perfumes for a while now just to sling in my purse and I recently came across this one from The Body Shop. I love the scent and am actually contemplating buying the full size. But then again I am in the process of trying to find a signature scent (at the moment I'm leaning towards Benefit's Ring My Bella because it's just so fresh and yummy!) so I may hold off on that purchase. Do you have a signature scent? If so what is it?

As I've said I'm a jeans lover but this autumn/winter I want to try to branch out and start wearing dressing a bit more so when I saw this jumper dress (by far the easiest types of dresses to wear IMHO) in H&M for £10 I had to have it! I think it's going to look really classy with some pearls, black tights/leggings and boots :) Are you a fan of jumper dresses?

My Evian Facial Mist thingy has been a total saviour this past week when the weather's been crazy warm and sunny (actual summer - yay!) and I used up my bottle of it so while I was in The Body Shop I spied this on the shelves and decided to try it out - it's got vitamin C in it so it's supposed to be energising - all I know is that it's refreshing and smells yummy!

I've been admiring the coloured jeans trend for ages now but I could never find the perfect pair of coloured skinnies (I hate thick denim skinnies with a passion - just me?) so when I saw these in a local boutique I knew I had to have them; I was torn between the pink and the lemon but managed to persuade myself to get both considering they were exactly what I had been looking for haha - and at only £16 each they were a steal! 

...ahem... I may have picked up two other colours of these when I noticed them in the store #sorryimnotsorry #obsessed 

Now I have all these coloured skinnies I kinda need to figure out how to wear them so how do you wear your coloured denim?

I OD'd on rose gold jewellery recently: RI watch, RI earrings, H&M bracelet, H&M hair cuff thing :)

I used to swear by the Dream Curls line from John Frieda's FrizzEase collection but when I was in Boots I was just browsing the shelves and came across the Naked Curl Defining line - they sounded pretty good, smelled awesome and were on sale so I thought I'd give them a go. I'm so glad I did because they have worked wonders on my hair! They've made it even curlier (if that was even possible!) but so soft and workable- will definitely be repurchasing these! Yay for irishmoss, sea fennel, kelp and avocado for curly hair!

 I found this in the £1 shop and just couldn't resit - I thought it might encourage me to drink more water - here's hoping :)

I've become a bit more adventurous in my tea choices as of late and this just sounded so delicious :) Are you a tea drinker? What's your fave flavour of tea?

Nam had a £5 credit note for a local boutique so we were just perusing the store so I tried this on for a laugh and I ended up loving it so upon Nam and Ma's insistence Nam bought it for me. I think it's so cute and preppy - helping me to bring a bit of the South to the UK methinks :P

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought recently :) What've your fave purchase been recently?
aHm xoxo

Friday, 27 July 2012

Book Club Friday: Bumped...

Hey everyone

Thanks to Blonde...Undercover Blonde for this link up :)

 This week I'm sharing - Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Synopsis (via GoodReads
In 2036 New Jersey, when teens are expected to become fanatically religious wives and mothers or high-priced Surrogettes for couples made infertile by a widespread virus, 16-year-old identical twins Melody and Harmony find in one another the courage to believe they have choices.

My Thoughts
I am going to be honest and say that when I first picked up this book I thought it was going to be horrendous - there are lots of new words, phrases and ideas that are thrown at you in the beginning of this book without much explanation which I found pretty confusing to get used to the new coinage of familiar words, especially seeing as it seemed to be every other word that was new (lets not even get started on the overuse of religious language - I think this is one of the facts that made the book so disjointed and the characters so un-relate able)! Having said then once I'd gotten over that fact (about half way through mind!) I began to get into the book and started being interested in the Characters - particularly Melody and Zen. This brings me on to the names - the main characters are twins and yes they really are called Melody and Harmony #cringe. Along with that each chapter swaps between each of the twins point of view so that is a tad confusing - just as I was getting into one twins story then it changed to the others! 

I actually chose to read this book because I thought it'd be a bit more science-y due to the whole infertile virus thing but looking back after having read it I think the book sort of missed this point and just waffled on about fluffy stories about the two teen girls. Maybe it was just me :S

So basically yes there are loads of bad points to this book (sorry) but towards the end it really started to come together - the characters finally became relate able and their world is sort of understood (well enough so you can understand at least). I think it was very ambitious of the author to create and execute this tragedy in the future that was based on things that are real (unlike in the Hunger Games where everything was so detached from real life so it was completely believable)  but she must have done a pretty good job because I picked up the next book in the series (maybe trilogy, I'm not sure) Thumped - but the review for this will have to be saved for a future Book Club Friday :P

All in all I wouldn't say that Bumped is a particularly easy read nor does it contain a really life changing message and I can't see it becoming a cult favourite but it's a pretty good stopgap if you are looking for something really different to read.

Would you read this book? 
aHm xoxo

Olympic Fever...

Hey everyone

So you may have heard - the Olympics are in London this year  - and pretty soon may I add! 

Now I am the first one to admit I am no sports fan (quite the opposite in fact) but I suppose I'm going to have to show willing and display from pride in Team GB. 

I am so glad this is happening like tomorrow quite frankly because I am sick of hearing about it - don't even get me started on near-constant  promo adverts! (after 5 years Olympic talk has gotten a tad tedious!) but have to admit eveything seems to have been organised/carried out pretty well so kudos to the comittee for that :)

So despite my non-sportiness there are a few events I'm looking forward to watching:

Only Mainly for this guy right here - phwoaarr! T'is all.
I do feel a little sorry for him though - there's so much pressure on him - he's practically the pin-up of the Olympics! Literally everyone in the UK is rooting for him after following his story since 2009!

As an equestrian myself these events are naturally gonna be my favourites! I'm particularaly looking to the eventing - serious skillage needed! I love watching Zara Philips, William Fox-Pit & Mary King ride - seriously talented!

Gotta love how down to earth Zara is for a Royal and Toytown is just too cute!

Whilst perusing the London 2012 Olympics Shop site I came across some beauties...
I wouldn't mind supporting the Olympics if I could wear this - so cute!

How classic would this look with demin shorts, boat shoes and pearls? - adorable!

What events are you looking forward to watching in the London Olympics? Are you doing anything special for the Olympics?
aHm xoxo

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Holiday Recap...

Hey everyone
After an amaaazing week away I'm now back to reality (boo) but incredibly happy to be back with wifi and the ability to blog again (yay!) I can't believe this time last week I was still on holiday - it's gone so fast; so as I reminisce I thought I'd share some of my holiday snaps with you :)

Trying to get a good picture at the top of Blackpool Tower was pretty impossible but we had fun trying :P

The skywalk at the top of the Tower was awesome! So cool to look down and across without any  barriers - very impressive.

The bf and I may have indulged in a few too many Starbucks (our excuse was there isn't a Starbucks very close to us at home)! I had the Cool Lime Refresha; verdict? Like a non-alcoholic mojito - indeed refreshing :) Then I tried the Mocha Cookie Crumble and Oh My Goodness -  I was in love! It's completely changed my opinion on coffee - it was seriously yummy! Honestly - try it if you get the chance!

For the first time ever the barista asked for my name for my cup - I may or may not have got a little over-excited at this fact :P I was pleased to see that the Starbucks barista tradition of miss-spelling names held out - they tried :P

Sealife was my absolute fave attraction we visited! My faves were the seahorses (this little guy followed your finger as you moved it in front of the glass - so cute!), the colour changing jellyfish (so cool!), the real life Nemo & Dory (!!) & the Piranha (I don't know why, I just think they're so cute with their massive teeth)

I may or may not have made the bf stand an wait for a while until I got the perfect shot of the sting ray above us in the glass tunnel - love sting rays :)

We may have overdone it when buying snacks for the room from the £1 shop - to be honest we did bring some of this back with us haha!

The longchamp took an outing to Blackpool beach and I finally got onto the coloured jean trend - better late than never, right?!

We had the yummiest fish and chips ever from Harry Ramsdens . After all we couldn't go to the beach without having the classic seaside meal! The bf had the 'Hero' fish and it was like three fish in one! 

Thankfully the weather stayed nice for most of the days whilst we were there - Wednesday was particularly beautiful so we spent the afternoon on the beach (admittedly wearing jumpers but heyho you can't have heat and sun in England lol) :)

We loved sitting in the Ballroom so much we ended up going there twice! The semi-pro dancers were awesome and the little old couples dancing too were so awesome! Isn't the architecture gorgeous?

Lots of pics were taken :) I particularly like the one on the bottom left taken at the top of the tower :)

I asked the bf to take one photo when I was on the steps (thinking of maybe doing an OOTD with it) and he ended up taking approx. a million - this one made me smile the most because it was completely un-posed for and I think it's the nice-est :)

I jumped on another trend train too - this time the Rose Gold one. After eyeing the MK one (below) for aeons I spotted this one in River Island and fell in love with how similar they were - and for £100 less than the MK one I knew I had to have it! 

I bought a sailor-knot-esque bracelet from Sealife because I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to find a Sailors Knot bracelet in England #boo

I treated myself to some Benefit goodies - well it was my holiday :P

Now, you all know (probably) how obsessed I am with acrylic tumblers with straws and lids (I already have 3 in my collection, which considering they are pretty hard to come by in the UK is impressive IMHO) and I've been coveting a Starbucks one for ever but I was under the impression they were unavailable in the UK because they were in my nearest Starbucks. When I saw these on display in the Starbucks in Blackpool I nearly dies - I literally ran over and picked one up straight away! I loves it :)

The Dungeon really wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be (thank god because I was convinced I was going to have a mental breakdown in there!) and even better I found these cool syringe pens in the gift shop. Perfect for my 2nd year of biomed at uni I think :) Funny story: I lost my ear cuff in the dungeons when I had to duck under the ceiling and was livid but we then realised it was caught on the bf's glasses - good catch and a happy bel was resumed :)

Another highlight was finally getting to try out Nando's (a raved about Portuguese restaurant here in the UK) - new fave restaurant right there!! The chicken breast fillet pitta with lemon and herb sauce is out of this world - so yummy!

Hope you enjoyed reliving my holiday with me :)
aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hey everyone

Apologies in advance for the mahussive MWIP post today - I have a week to catch up on so prepare yourselves for an overload of piccys!

I've loved using the MUA Undressed palette to play around with my go-to neutral everyday eye makeup :)

Packing for my holiday was a very colourful affair. 

Seeing as I'm too chicken to get a piercing through my cartilage I decided an ear cuff was the way to go - I love how edgy it looks (especially when worn with pearls!) , completely out of character for me :)

Movie nights are the bestest; complete with chick flick (Monte Carlo), choccie & cereal :)

Couldn't decide which colour to paint my nails for my holiday #nailpolishaddict 
I went with Model's Own Indian Ocean (pointer finger) 

Unpacking turned my room into a pretty big mess #oops

I went for lunch on Monday with my besties for my birthday (well it was a week early but it was the only time we could all get together!) and I decided to break out my new maxi dress because it was so lovely and sunny :)

One of the besties brought in a cake for me which the staff of the restaurant proceeded to surprisingly serenade me with #awkwardbutsweet 

Early brithday presents - it's taking extreme will power not to open these before Monday!

The bf surprised me with a Costa raspberry iced tea after I'd been working out - blesh him :)

I've been slacking a bit on my classics reading list so I decided that one of these would be my next read...

...I went with Sherlock Holmes. Gotta love his genius in detail recognition!

If you managed it this far then thank you muchly haha! Hope you had all had a fun week :) What was your fave part of this week?
aHm xoxo

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