Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Favourites...

Hey everyone

So I am keeping up with my tradition (can it be called a tradition if this is only the second year I've done it? I think so) of blogging about my favourites for the year - so here's my 2012 Favourites!
I've come to love this service - I've discovered so many great shows and films through it! The only down-side is how into these shows I get - I literally watched the whole first series of 'The Body of Proof' in two days #sorryimnotsorry
 I was torn between this and  netflix so I may have to give netflix a try in the new year and compare the two :P 

2. Yankee Candles
I became obsessed with Yankee Candles this year - they all smell so incredibly awesome and the scent lingers for ages! This Lotus Water one is my absolute fave :)

3. Starbucks
I fell in love with Starbucks this year - I'm completely addicted to the  mocha cookie crumble frapp - I can't wait for it to come back again! 

4. iPhotography
I discovered that I actually really liked photography and editing my photos using my iPod - particularly instagram. It amazes me how good some of the photos turn out!

5. Norts
I caved upon the recommendation of the preppy blogging community this summer and purchased some norts - I literally lived in them for the four months of summer break - I honestly don't know how I lived without them!

6. Monograms
Again, I blame the preppy blogging community for my obsession with monograms - I just think they are so awesome and I literally want to monogram everything I own! I'm seriously thinking of investing in a monogramming machine :P

7. The Olympics
I really didn't expect to get so hooked on the Olympics as I did! I adored the opening ceremony - I thought it was so beautifully British and told such a perfect story of reflection of GB. 
8. My iPad
I find myself reaching for my iPad for all of my non-work related computing - I'm talking blogging, fb, twitter, tumblr, etc. I just find it so much more convenient than using my laptop - plus it helps to keep my laptop living a little longer haha :P Plus I love all the cute accessories you can get for it - if I lived in the US this Kate Spade Case would be mine in a heartbeat!

9. OPI Nail Polishes
So last year was the first year I really started wearing nail polish so my collection has obviously grown considerably in a year! I found my favourite brand was OPI and so I've purchased quite a few of their colours in a year  - it makes me feel a tad guilty that this whole jar is nearly all OPI 

10. Princess
Losing my other doggy was a definite low point this year but bring this little puppy into our home has definitely brightened up my life. She's just so funny and cute! I love watching her learn new things and experiencing things for the first time.

and of course I had to add - This Blog! I cannot believe that I stuck with blogging for over a year now - I love how much of a part of my life it has become - how much I enjoy it and actually how much I need it to keep me sane! I love how I can look back on my posts and re-live my life again. 

It surprises me so much that people actually read my little blog about my life so thank you all so much!

What were your favourite things this year?

P.S. Here's {last years} Favourites if you fancy giving that a read :)
aHm xoxo

Saturday, 29 December 2012

It Was {Another} JW Christmas...

Hey everyone

So as it was {last year}I pointed my Nam to Jack Wills for my Christmas presents  (yes I realise how incredibly lucky I am and no I did not just expect all this). And as this is my fave brand and I literally am in love with everything I thought I would share my gifts with you all...

I love how pretty all of the boxes look! I feel like this picture wouldn't look out of place in the JW catalogue :P

I got a new cushion from Ma because she knows the bf and I always argued over who got to lean on the JW cushion she got me last year - now we wont have to argue #yay

a hoodie (I love this bright red colour!), a navy thin jumper, a grey Henley (literally my most favourite shirt ever!)...

a grey crew sweater, red/pink crew sweater (I love crewneck sweaters), red tee (so soft!)...

pj pants, a snood, a bobble hat (I love the fluffy bobble!), some mittens...

an umbrella (so awesome!), a canvas bag (I used my other one until it fell apart all last year for my labcoat), some socks, a notebook, earmuffs (my fave winter accessory by far!), a water bottle (Ma valiantly tries to get me to drink more water :P), a make up case (now I wont feel so guilty about using my other one!) & some headphones and iPod pouch.

I feel incredibly lucky and immensely grateful that my Nam and Ma bought all of this for me - I can't believe it!

aHm xoxo

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Presents 2012...

Hey everyone

Now this post is not me trying to brag - it's just me sharing what I received for Christmas - I'm so thankful for everything - I hope you enjoy seeing what I got given for Christmas!

Ma surprised me with a Barbour!!

 I literally couldn't believe it!

Benefit Erase Paste; Benefit Perfume Sampler; Philosophy Purity Cleanser & Exfoliator; OPI Suzi and the Seven Dussledorfs & OPI I Have A Herring Problem 

Yankee Candles (so perfect!!) The bf and Nam each got me Sparkling Snow and then Nam also go me Happy Christmas- I can't wait to start burning them!

Joules boots! I've been craving some Bean Boots but I can't find them in the UK so I love that these are so similar! Just waiting for the snow to arrive in January now so I can wear them!

How beautiful is this clutch that Ma got me?! I love how the handle looks like a set of rings :)

Of course Lush had to feature :P
The Enchanter; Father Christmas; Party Popper;So White; Retread conditioner & Curly Wurly shampoo

Nam got me this ballerina Minnie toy and the bf got me Stitch :)

The bf also got me a beautiful pink stone pendant and a silver hinge bracelet but I haven't taken them off so apologies for no piccys of them :P

I can't wait to catch up on The Vampire Diaries and GG :) 
And listen to my musicals CD 
#musicalnerd #sorryimnotsorry

What was your fave present this year?
aHm xoxo

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012...

Hey everyone

This Christmas was seriously awesome! I had such an amazing time with my family and the bf!
Christmas Day saw us eating so much yummy food, playing charades and just generally chilling out watching Chrimboli TV :)  

Here's some of my highlights...

Princess loved exploring my presents :)
 (and running off with the wrapping paper and ribbon!)

Silver on silver glitter nails for Christmas :)
OPIs Your Royal Shineness & Pirouette My Whistle

How cute are these Santa hats for the champagne bottles?!

I may or may not have added a JW ribbon to Princess for Christmas Day - surprisingly she loved it!

Nam & G were glued to the TV for the Queens speech! 
We bought them matching blankets :P

Face Of Christmas Day

Princess was exhausted after helping to open all the presents :P She had her own little collection of bags she had collected #bleshher

K bought her a little Santa outfit - doesn't she look adorabubble?!

Christmas night saw me in my Minnie Mouse onesie with matching Minnie Mouse toy - yes I am nineteen #sorryimnotsorry

We spent Boxing Day at Nam and Gs...

Isn't her table decoration just beautiful? 

My Nams' pride and joy at Christmas is her tree - this years colour theme was red and gold - I think it looks so pretty!

Of course the kitchen couldn't be left without a tree :P

Princess loved visiting Nam and Gs - and especially loved their furry rug! 

And of course Christmas is incomplete without a chocolate orange :P

How did you spend this Christmas? Whatever you did I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!
aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

Hey everyone

I cannot believe that it's actually Christmas Day tomorrow - where has this year gone?! I'm definitely in the Christmas-y mood now (everything that {makes Christmas} has happened!)...
...the presents were delivered (not gonna lie; it took two trips! :P)...

...and organised into piles under the tree...

...the table is set...

...the treats are all out on the table...

...the Christmas choccies have been opened whilst watching Christmas TV...

...the stockings are all ready...

...the Christmas Eve present has been opened...

Now all that's left is to wait for Father Christmas :)

Happy Christmas Eve everyone :)

P.S. How cute does Princess look attacking my stocking?! 
aHm xoxo

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