Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hey everyone                

So, last night was 'The Monster's Ball' at my uni, it was the first 'proper' event I went to with my new besties and fancy dress was de rigueur. The besties went as zombies (school girl & party-goer) and I went as a vampire - scary, not! 

I did the classic all black attire but decided to add some red into the mix in the form of a sort of mini top hat clip and some fingerless gloves;
From Claire's
Again, from Claire's

Fake blood and a fangs were obvious features of my vampiric look;

Once again from Claire's - these were ridiculously comfy to wear -
 could really get used to them! And they were glow in the dark too - awesome!
From Matalan - this literally had the best consistency
for congealing blood - fab for wounds and dripping blood around your chin
 after snacking on an innocent victim! 

And just too add something original and fun to my outfit, I found this candy blood bag - how fun?!
Again from Matalan - it was so unusual, I just couldn't resist it!
So here's my finished look...
Pretty scary, huh?!
Me & my zombie crew - spot the odd one out :P

Until next time,
aHm xoxo

Friday, 28 October 2011

Nerd Alert....

Hey everyone                

Time for the second installment of my 'Nerd Alert' mini-series. 

I spent my day off this week wandering around the town near my uni with my two new besties in search of pieces for our costumes for 'The Monster's Ball' this Saturday (so excited!). So, being the economically-challenged students that we are, we perused (read; tore apart) all of the charity shops; eventually they got fixed up with a tartan skirt for a zombie school-girl costume (don't ask) and a white sequined dress for a party-going zombie costume (originally we were looking for a green dress, but we decided that fake blood would show up better on white, hehe). Although I couldn't find anything that I needed for my costume - all will be revealed tomorrow, I promise - I did find an awesome book, perfect for this weeks 'Nerd Alert', and the best part of finding this; aside from the completely awesome Harry Potter-ness of it, was the price - it was only £1.25! The book answers some really great questions related to Harry Potter, such as "Is Avada Kedravra a real curse?" and "What does ice-cream have to do with witchcraft?" Although these questions may not exactly have sprung immediately to mind when reading Harry Potter they are definitely an interesting. The author explains a lot of the features of the world of Harry Potter through historical things from 'the real' world. If you're completely obsessed with Harry Potter and at least mildly interested in the history of magic (like me) then this is definitely an eye-opening read. How awesome?!

My nerdy charity shop find :)
Until next time,
aHm xoxo

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hair Guilt...

Hey everyone 

I have just committed a terrible hair-related crime...As you can see from the other pictures of me on here, my hair is naturally curly - when I say curly I mean curly! Not waves, not frizz, proper ringlet curls from root to tip - I am incredibly lucky :) 

For practically as long as I can remember I've wanted straight hair, I meticulously straightened my locks every day for about eight years - I know, I know crazy bad for my hair; you don't need to tell me! And unsurprisingly this heat-offensive completely ruined my hair, it made it weak and horrifically frizzy; so, about a nine months ago I swore of heat. Completely.

Embracing my natural curls was the best thing I could've done for my hair - it utterly revitalised my tresses! My hair had never felt so strong and in such good condition! And it was so easy to deal with in the mornings as well - a little spray of water and de-frizz-er and I was good to go, literally it took me 5 minutes max. - for a non-morning person such as myself, it was marvelous

But, today - I caved. 

I straightened my hair, and already I regret it.

My hair feels much drier, frizzier and generally hard to manage. I am already planning my deep-conditioning treatment for the next time I was my hair. I know that it will take my hair a little while to re-adjust to being curly again, I just hope that this happens sooner than later!

 Now for the actual 'routine' - after washing it, I used Frizz-Ease Heat Defence - this made my hair feel all clumpy but nevertheless definitely protected and then I used Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight - this product I can't really accurately review because I don't plan on leaving my hair three days - I want my curls back :( but I can say that my hair definitely is more straight than usual - worryingly so in fact.

I just hope that my hair returns to it's normal bouncy, crazy curls soon; until then

aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Welcome to my little corner of the internet....

Hey everyone (presuming there is anyone reading this, who knows?!)

Well, this is officially my first post so I feel it is fitting to introduce myself, right? I'm going to kick of my blog with a few facts about me, so here goes...

1. I'm from a lovely little village (practically a hamlet really) in the North of England - don't get me wrong I adore living in the countryside but sometimes the life of a country-bumpkin can get a tad boring - lucky for me Manchester is only a short train ride away so I can still get my shopping fix pretty easily :)

2. Living where I live, I was naturally brought up with horses, my first birthday present was a pony and I've been obsessed ever since. At the minute I have two ponies and I have had them for so long now that they have become part of the family - like pets. I've never been into competitive jumping or cross-country so I just ride and practise those disciplines for fun. I am also learning to carriage drive because I have sadly outgrown one of my ponies but I still want to be able to spend time productively with him :)

This is on my campus - how pretty?!
3.I just started uni, (nearly a month ago now - wow; that seems to have gone really fast!), so I'm just settling down after a big upheaval in my life. The decision for me to go to uni was an obvious one for me, as it was necessary for me to undertake higher education in order for me to work in the NHS, but the choice of which uni to go to was really difficult - part of me wanted to stay at home as I'm such a home-bird (I love my family too much to leave them) but part of me wanted to follow in the footsteps of my besties and 'fly the nest' and move to a completely different part of the country and 'go it alone'. Eventually, my desire to stay near my family swung the decision for me and I was so lucky to get accepted by my first choice uni which is just half an hour away from my house - win! - and it's a beautiful countryside campus so I feel super at home there as soon as I step on campus. So, please don't hate me if I post a few 'feeling-sorry-for-myself' reminiscing musings because I am finding it so hard to not be near my besties anymore.

4. I have always had a strong desire to travel - having spent nearly all of the holidays in my childhood in the same destination (which I absolutely loved, don't get me wrong!) as I've gotten older I've realised how many more places there are in the world out there that I have yet to experience; Venice, Madrid, Australia, New York, Milan, Nantucket, Kentucky, The Hamptons...the list is endless! So be prepared for many musings and endless wanderlust on here :)

American Road Trip - yes please!
5. The place I most want to visit is America - I can't believe that I have gone all of my 18 years being surrounded by American TV, books, food (Reese's - ohmylife!), etc. and yet I have still not visited the Land of the Free. As an off-shoot of this I have become utterly obsessed with everything Southern, Country and Preppy; my wish lists are filled with Sperry's, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Campfires, S'mores, Critter-adorned everything, Nautical accents...I feel like after surrounding myself with 'Southern' and 'Preppy' blogs and tumblrs - and loving everything! -  I really am a Southern Belle at heart!

6. I have an unhealthy love for buying clothes, accessories and make up (be them high-end or high-street) - fab for blogging I'm sure but not so great for my bank balance! So many hauls and presumably a few reviews are bound to follow, I'm sure :)

7. I have quite a varied sense of style; one day I feel like being ultra preppy; the next I'm wearing a band tee, skinny jeans, vans and a hoody; and the next I want to dress like a Newquay surfer - I tried to mould myself into just have one clear sense of style but I have since realised that my sense of style is influenced by all these different styles and that a mix of all these different 'looks' is my style - if that makes sense?! :)

8. My music tastes are pretty random too, though mostly I tend to listen to indie, pop/rock, pop and my guilty pleasure - a little country (in respect of my inner Southern Belle - obviously!)

So, I hope that after reading this you feel as though you know me a little better and I'm sure I will be posting again very soon :)

aHm xoxo
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